There are various types of slotmachines. These types can be divided into a couple of categories. On this page we will explain these categories of slots.

We will start with the most common way to divide slot machines into different types. This is the amount of money, or type of coins, the machine ‘eats’. You have machines that runs on pennies only and slotmachines that only accepts dollars. Some slot machines give you a choice what amount of money you want to play with.


The original slot machine was a mechanical machine with 3 reels. These reels displayed all of the symbols and pay lines. Nowadays every slot machine with 3 reels is called a reel slot or classic slot. This doesn’t mean that all these machines are mechanical. The reels are also computerized and completed with a random generator that defines the wins.

To distinguish classic online slots and video slots we can take a look at a number of things: the themes, the number of wheels and the amount of paylines for example. Classic slots tend to use popular symbols like fruit symbols and have ‘only’  3 wheels accompanied by less paylines and less advanced bonus rounds and other special functions in comparison with video slots. Less paylines? Less money to be won you might think. This is not true! 3 wheels slots pay more often compared to 5 wheel video slots, but with smaller amounts.



The videoslot is the most common slot online. This slot usually has 5 wheels and a range from 1 to a 100 pay lines. Basically all videoslots work in a similar way but the amount of variations will surprise  you. We’ll list a couple of variations below.
243 ways: This is the first and most popular type of videoslot out there. In this type of videoslot you play on a 5 reels slot for 3 matching symbols from left to right. The easy, straightforward style of this game makes this a popular videoslot for many players.
1024 ways: With the current online possibilities to develop and create online videoslots its possible to be very creative with the way a videoslot works. 1024 ways to win games replaces traditional paylines and add a new dimension to playing videoslots. This slot grants you wins on any left to right symbol combo.



Are you bored playing videoslots, does it just not happen fast enough for you? Then Mega Spin Slot is the game for you. With this type of videoslot you can play up to 9 games at the same time! You can define your bet per game and click the big SPIN button to play all nine games at once. That is 45 wheels turning at the same time. The most common Mega Spin Slots use classic 3 reel slot versions, but there are some out there that even use 5-wheels. Good luck keeping that up!



With a progressive jackpot videoslot the jackpot grows as more and more players play this online videoslot. A small percentage of each wager is added to the jackpot. These jackpot videoslots give players the change to win huge amounts of money. Mega Moolah is one of the most famous progressive jackpot games. This game starts with a jackpot of 10 milion dollars and grows from there. Some progressive jackpots are a network on multiple computers within a single casino, whilst other jackpot videoslots are running on a network via multiple casino’s.